The Sorrows Hill Series

The American Civil War was fought with  bullets, blood and – magic? This is the world of Sorrows Hill, a dark historical fantasy series with steampunk overtones that introduces readers to a universe of Appalachian folk magic, Celtic faerie lore, and espionage.

Deep in the hills of what is now West Virginia, the ancient mound known as Sorrows Hill is shrouded in mystery and dread. It’s a place of strange happenings and peculiar disappearances, and odd manifestations that chill the blood of the residents of Hart Mountain, a town with Northern leanings that’s also desired by the South.

The Sorrows Hill series tells the stories of Hart Mountain folks including the healer witch Maddie Cain, ageless shapeshifter Daniel MacKenzie,  the musician Jack Dunleavy and the mysterious mercenary Peter Diamond.

Like all good faerie mounds, Sorrows Hill is a gateway to the Shadowlands, home of the Shee and the serpentine Sea King.  The Sea King’s world is a place of carnivorous sprites, power hungry Selkies and the Wild Hunt, that captures humans like recently widowed Annabet Guinn on All Hallows Night. There’s also a romantically minded Hell Hound or two.

Trying to make sense of it all and harness this potent magic for the good of the nation are the intrepid agents of the President’s own Office of Extraordinary Phenomena. which uses tools both scientific and magical to thwart plots and plans from enemies in this and other worlds. Keeping the Union safe: Union Army Captain Perry Jones, the ice-blooded  agent extraordinaire Thomas Cooper and reluctant recruit Isaac Bonner, a schoolmaster with a secret.

Follow the two series of the Sorrows Hill Universe:

Sorrows Hill – Northern Virginia and West Virginia, circa 1863: shapeshifters, dark magic and mysterious beings, as the healer witch Maddie Cain works to keep the townfolk safe from forces both mundane and magical.

The Office of Extraordinary Phenomena –  the intrepid members of Abraham Lincoln’s most secret force must harness wild magic in the service of winning the war.







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