The Moon Road Series

In the deserts, magic comes dancing on moonlight nights, and strangeness stalks the gritty streets of cities like Tucson and El Paso, Nogales and Tijuana and Las Cruces.  In the deserts, Coyote changes his shape and Raven flies on the stormwind from a summer monsoon. In the desert, you’re only a breath away from the Betwixt and Between, that space between worlds where the Moon Road moves.

The Moon Road is a living highway, that links up our world with others stranger and  more dangerous – the realms of creatures straight ot of myth, legend – and nightmares.

Not everyone can see the Moon Road. Not everyone can walk it, either.  If it rejects you?  Well, as  Mama Silva once said, “There are little creatures on the Road, called Cleaners. They wipe away the blood.”

Throughout history, beings from other places on the Road have visited our world. We’ve called them fairies and demons, old gods and tricksters. And the occasional unwary human has been spirited away too. Just ask anyone who’s awakened after a night on a fairy mound.

Now, most people never know that the Road exists – or that it opens the way between here and elsewhere.  But in places where the barriers between worlds are paper thin, you never know what might pop through for a visit – or something rather more sinister. There’s a long and weary war raging along the Moon Road, as the denizens of the Shadowlands fight to control more and more of the worlds it touches.  It’s a battle fought with weapons and words, espionage and murder and bargains made and broken. Working to protect the Road and the places it touches are the Runners, including Claudia Reis and Remy Chenard of  Vallachet.

One such place is Soledad City.  The magical side of the city is kept in check by its witches, the fearsome bruja Mama Silva in the barrios, medicine woman Nettie Chubai  out on the Rez, and Cage the voodoo priest on the far east side. There should be four of them, but the lady of the North,  metaphysical shop owner Natalia Balova, was found dead in her store one night when a customer came for a Tarot reading.  There’s been no suitable replacement yet, but that ‘s about to change.

The Moon Road series is dark urban fantasy with a dollop of science fiction on top.  The stories of the Moon Road explore intrigue, bloodshed and magic in a world where strangeness lurks around every corner – and you can always get a good plate of enchiladas.

Hang out here for new short stories about the world of the Moon Road and its people, learn more about the places and events that inspire the books, stories and art of the Moon Road Universe – and pick up goodies including original prints, posters and artwork too.








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