The Moon Road is a living thing,  a semi sentient (we think) entity that moves in the Betwixt and Between where all worlds meet.   It’s attracted to certain places of power, and visits them often to refuel from the energies stored up beneath them.

Not everyone can see the Moon Road when it appears. Not everyone can walk it, either.  If the Road chooses, you can move between our earth and the realms of creatures straight out of myth, legend – and nightmares.

And if it rejects you?  Well, as  Mama Silva once said, “There are little creatures on the Road, called Cleaners. They wipe away the blood.”

Throughout history, beings from other places on the Road have visited our world. We’ve called them fairies and demons, old gods and tricksters. And the occasional unwary human has been spirited away too. Just ask anyone who’s awakened after a night on a fairy mound.

There’s a long and terrible war raging along the Moon Road, as the denizens of the Shadowlands fight for control of the Road.  It’s a battle fought with weapons and words, espionage and murder and bargains made and broken. Working to protect the Road and keep it safe for all to travel are the people of Vallachet, home of the Runners like Claudia Reis and Luc Chenard,  who police the Road and wage the Long War to protect the places where the Road goes.

One such place is the gritty, hot Southwestern metropolis of Soledad City, located somewhere in the borderlands between the Pacific and the Rio Grande.   Soledad City sits on a hotbed of planetary energies and precious metals, and it’s a favorite pit stop for the Road and the creatures who move upon it for business, trade and reasons far more nefarious.

The hot lines of energy beneath Soledad City are kept in check by its  guardians, the fearsome bruja Mama Silva, Nettie Chubai on out on the Rez and Cage the voodoo priest. There should be four of them, but the guardian of the North,  metaphysical shop owner Natalia Korolyeva, was found dead in her store one night when a customer came for a Tarot reading.  There’s been no suitable replacement yet, but that ‘s about to change.

The Moon Road series is dark urban fantasy with a dollop of science fiction on top.  The stories of the Moon Road Universe explore life, love and intrigue, in a place where strangeness lurks around every corner  and nothing is quite as it seems.

Follow the two series of the Moon Road:

Soledad City – Stories of the city where myth and magic meet, and you can always get a good plate of enchiladas.

The Moon Road – intrigue, bloodshed and betrayal in the world of the Moon Road’s Runners, as they try to keep dangerous beings from the Shadowlands in check.