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Dark Star Review: New Home, New Look

Dark Star Review has moved! After trying out a lot of web tools to find the right one to create a slick, easily updatable roundup of news, commentary and other stuff from the many worlds of speculative fiction, I found Flipboard. This handy dandy search engine pulls the latest from any web sources you choose into a lovely, easy to read magazine format. It’s easily edited, too, with the option to create commentary after each story.

And the best thing about Flipboard magazines is that they can live anywhere. So I’ve brought Dark Star Review right here to the JM site – no links, no downloads, no nothin’ required. Just click to read.

You can find out when new issues come out (monthly) by subscribing to the Newsletter – and you’ll also get other freebies for doing that. As always, Dark Star Review is free to read and share (please!) and welcomes your ideas, contributions or suggestions.

Enjoy. Issue 2 comes your way October 1.

The Visual Side of Storytelling

Though a picture may not be worth a thousand words, it’s true that the marriage of words and images does produce some powerful and memorable stories. As a photographer and digital jill of all trades, I’m fascinated by the way the two combine to transport us into places we never knew existed. My secret dream is to be a graphic novelist – or to create a “Moon Road” webcomic!.

But while I’m working on that, I’ve been creating the Moon Road universe in images using my street photographs, vintage images and a variety of digital tricks to capture the sense of urban grit and heartbreakingly beautiful magic that dwells at the heart of all the stories, poems and flash fictions from the places the Moon Road touches.


You can buy these and other art photography creations here on the Buy Jean’s Art page, all fulfilled by Redbubble. Or contact me for a downloadable file of the image of your choice.

I’ll be talking about the art and how it was created here and at Luna Blue Studios, my art and design site.

Any tips for a wannabe graphic novelist?

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