Hey, thanks for stopping by! Here’s a bit about me, Jean McKinney.

I make stories from words,  images and imagination.

That’s the best way to describe a Jill of all trades who is at the same time a writer of speculative fiction and science fact, and an art photographer/designer who dabbles in illustration and cartooning.

Hey, whatever it takes to show you something you’ve never seen before.

Maybe that’s a look at what the intrepid New Horizons probe is reporting back about Pluto. Or a peek at what happens when a spoiled rich teen from Beverly Hills meets magic in a scruffy trailer under the desert sun. Or a gritty photograph  of a tiny bit of art felt-tip marked on the side of an abandoned warehouse.

I’m the kid who tugs at Mom’s sleeve, crying, “Look! Look at that!”

This is my main writing site, where you’ll find all the latest about my fiction projects from my two spec-fic universes, the urban fantasy world of the Moon Road and its Shadow War, and the historical fantasy Sorrows Hill series, featuring the intrepid agents of  Abraham Lincoln’s Office of Extraordinary Phenomena, hell hounds and the kingdom of the Sea King.

I also talk about my favorite science fiction and fantasy webcomics, graphic novels, films and TV. Just because. And there are a few observations about this writing biz along the way as well.

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